Friday, June 16, 2017

The Essex Middle School Athletic Leadership Council 2016-2017

The Essex Middle School ALC was started two years ago, inspired by the Essex High School's ALC with a mission to help the community and improve our school’s atmosphere and environment and to use athletics as the base for inspiring our peers  through service and influence.

We engaged in many service projects throughout the year starting with a rejuvenating project of the school’s bus circle.  Through the winter, ALC students volunteered to help run concession during the EMS B Team Tournament,  from which the proceeds went to the VT chapter of the Make a Wish foundation.  Many ALC students also  signed up to take a dip  in the cold waters of Lake Champlain, for the charity known as the “Penguin Plunge.”  Finally in the spring, although slowed a little by weather, the ALC is finishing a repainting project for the Press Box at the Mitchell Softball field at the front of the school. 

Within the school, The ALC also set up, and ran intramural games throughout the year. The first intumaral we did this year was football. It offered a fun and good experience for kids who sometimes don't normally play football on a team to have fun and a good time with their friends. The next activity was floor hockey. The teams fought hard and all had a great time. After that we set up the famous dodge ball tournament which went extremely well, having 90 plus kids participating on 9 teams.  Finally the spring offered a kickball tourney, which went fairly well for a few weeks despite the wet weather throughout the majority of May.

            This year, The ALC also introduced a school motto “We Have Your Back”, inspired by the video we showed at the first assembly about a young boy with autism and a group of boys, who instead of watching a peer getting bullied, stood up and “had his back.” To support this theme, we created a shout out box in which students were encouraged to  write down things other students did that had each other's back.  These nominations would be picked monthly, and the students would be called out and given a school t-shirt with the motto on the back.
The ALC has provided an experience for students to learn how to become better leaders and role models to the peers and teachers of Essex Middle School and the community. 

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