Thursday, May 25, 2017

French Comic Creations

Salut! Ça va?
Last week students in 6th grade showcased their knowledge of how to greet someone in French through creative comics using the online comic creator. Their comics required two characters greeting each other, asking/telling names, asking/telling how they are, and saying goodbye all in French. Beyond that, it was up to students to create their own characters and settings. We saw everything from celebrities to bears in space, dinosaurs, chefs, babies, unicorns, and much more. Once comics were finished students worked on pronunciation with a partner and then shared their comics in front of the class. During the trimester long class, 6th grade students also learn about French names, cities in France, French music, and some basics of the French language such as colors, alphabet, days, months, and numbers.
Bon travail tout le monde!

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