Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Navigator Team to Cape Cod

Earlier this month, students on the Navigator Team took a 3 day field trip to Cape Cod.  While on the field trip, students engaged in a variety of activities to further their understanding of the environment.  Students visited the sea coast and coastal forest.  They learned about the importance of the salt marsh biome and were able to experience it as the tide came in.  

The main attraction of the field trip was a whale watch out of Provincetown.  This year, we experienced the most thrilling whale watch yet.  Students were able to see upwards of a dozen humpback whales as well as a few finback whales.  In fact, our boat stopped for half an hour right in the middle of their feeding ground!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

French Comic Creations

Salut! Ça va?
Last week students in 6th grade showcased their knowledge of how to greet someone in French through creative comics using the online comic creator. Their comics required two characters greeting each other, asking/telling names, asking/telling how they are, and saying goodbye all in French. Beyond that, it was up to students to create their own characters and settings. We saw everything from celebrities to bears in space, dinosaurs, chefs, babies, unicorns, and much more. Once comics were finished students worked on pronunciation with a partner and then shared their comics in front of the class. During the trimester long class, 6th grade students also learn about French names, cities in France, French music, and some basics of the French language such as colors, alphabet, days, months, and numbers.
Bon travail tout le monde!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Collaboration in Math Class!

Research suggests that students learn from their teachers but learn more deeply when they talk about and apply their knowledge.  Which is why we stress collaboration on the Phoenix team. Students are shown here deliberating whether or not triangles are similar based on what they learned this week about angles.  They were challenged to present evidence to back their claim and to use only the evidence they were given. As you can see here, our students were deeply engaged in their work and their intense collaboration on this project was obvious!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Poetry on Delta Team

Students on the Delta Team have been reading, writing and reciting poetry for the past month.  From memorizing and reciting a poem in front of the class to reading poetry of many, many poets, including Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams, students gained an ear for the rhythms of poetry and gained confidence to write their own poems.


Many students took inspiration from the poetry we shared in class.   William Carlos Williams’ poem, The Red Wheelbarrow, inspired students to write free verse poems that hint at something significant that has happened in their lives, but that do not give away the meaning entirely, in the same way Williams’ red wheelbarrow poem does.
Arnold Adoff’s poem Street Music about the sounds in the special places in our lives taught students about onomatopoeia, rhythm and using size and shape of their words to add meaning.
IMG_20170505_115131760.jpg          IMG_20170505_115105543.jpg

Many Delta students took a special opportunity to work with eighth graders from the Cascade Team to turn their recently finished argument essays into spoken word poetry. Either grade teachers taught Delta students to imbed the evidence they learned from their research and to use figurative language to create powerful messages using poetry.

All Delta students memorized and recited a poem of their choosing. While showcasing poets Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, A.A. Milne, Shel Silverstein, and others, students worked on presentation skills. Practicing speaking in front of an audience without notes was a great challenge and students were pleasantly surprised and impressed with their success!
IMG_20170329_104549325.jpg IMG_20170329_110745092.jpg

Monday, May 1, 2017

Yummy Aromas Are Coming From the FCS Kitchens!

8th grade FCS students have been involved in several food/cooking projects during this third trimester all of which have engulfed the hallway outside of the FCS kitchens with tantalizing aromas. Here is a glimpse of these projects which integrate math, literacy, collaboration, self initiative, problem solving, productivity and learning the life skill of food preparation.

Students began their experience in FCS by reviewing basic cooking skills such as measuring, organization and clean up. Their first project was to help make over 500 Maple Muffins which were given to every student and staff member at EMS on March 20 to celebrate the first day of spring. This was a ETSD Farm to School Initiative. Without missing a beat, 8th grade students began to prepare for the annual collaborative cooking activity with FMS students. In this event, FMS and EMS students prepare foods for “Gather, Taste, Learn” which was held at FMS on March 31. Beet Brownies, Carrot Parsnip Bread, Kale Sweet Potato Pizza and Squasho Bean Dip were all made in the FCS kitchens with FMS and EMS students working side by side.

8th graders progressed to their next project called “Key 4 Foods”. This themed unit teaches students to make four different foods which teach basic cooking skills. Nutrition concepts are learned along the way as students make Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies, Veggie Rama, Homemade Corn Tortilla Tacos and Mac and Cheese. Their final food is to invent their own Vermont Pizza recipe which uses many of the skills in their “cooking tool boxes”. In their culinary inventions, students have to use at least three different colors of vegetables which can be grown in Vermont. They pick their own protein, cheese and flavorings to make a one of a kind yummy pizza. Who knew that “Ramen Stuffed Pizza” or “Mexican Taco Pizza” could be so good!

Nice job 8th grade FCS students! Here are some pictures of students involved in these projects.

Copy of DSCF9548.JPG





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Copy of DSCF9497.JPG