Tuesday, April 11, 2017

EMS Music Blog Post, April 2017
By Megan Beaucage

Music is alive in Essex Middle School! On March 27th, our annual Fine Arts Night occurred at Essex High School for grades 3 through 12. Our band, orchestra, and chorus prepared for months leading up to this event, learning several very different pieces of music to then perform with students from several other schools within our new district.
This annual event has bridged the gap between the Essex Town, Essex Junction, and Westford schools for over ten years. Previous to our upcoming merger, we have been meeting with other arts teachers yearly to plan for this wonderful event that encaptures our districts’ appreciation for the arts in a big way. The gymnasium at Essex High School is set up during Fine Arts Night that allows a 300+ choir to perform on several sets of risers. Once the choir is done, the amazing custodial staff from EHS takes the risers apart and puts them to the side rather quickly to reveal an orchestra! Once the orchestra performs, those chairs are packed up to reveal the biggest band most will ever see; it really is a sight.
Working towards a goal such as Fine Arts Night is extremely important to our musicians. Not only did they have to spend hours in preparation, but the day of, we had a field trip in the morning to EHS to prepare and practice with the other schools and their musicians. We are so lucky in our district that the arts are supported this much to be able to do such wonderful things and create such wonderful music. We all look forward to the future in our new district to see how the arts grows even further.

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