Thursday, March 9, 2017

Raising trout

The students on the Navigator Team have been raising a Brook Trout.  Each day, students test the tank water, feed the fish, and track the statistics of the tank.  We began the year with one hundred trout.  After nine weeks, many lost at the egg stage, we now have 54 healthy and strong trout.  Typically in the wild, only about 1% of trout survive.  
Each week, students record a journal where they draw scientific diagrams of our trout, make predictions, share their research about the trout and our river systems, and reflect on their work with the tank.  As the year progresses, students will pick a piece of technology that will help bring their journal to life.  This might be a video, blog, coding activity, or game that they create.  
In May, when the trout have reached the fingerling stage, they will be released at Mills Riverside Park.  

IMG_8244.JPG IMG_8250.JPGIMG_8251.JPGIMG_8246.JPG


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