Monday, March 20, 2017

Math in the Field

From Athletic Trainers to Wildlife Rehabilitators, many people came in on Career day in the month of February to Mrs.Petralia’s 8th grade math class to share their profession. People from the outside world talked about how math is incorporated in their job and how they became interested in it. They also described the schooling you would need to work in their field.

It’s thought provoking to learn about jobs. One of the people that came in, Brian, is a photographer that uses animal’s eyes to take pictures. While in the classroom, he took pictures to show how the different lens sizes work. He engaged every student in the classroom with his funny and eccentric personality.
Another individual that came in was Michael Beckett. His career was a software manager from IBM. He taught us about the average salary people make per year. He excited us by throwing candy across the room to students who asked questions or got a question correct that Mr.Beckett asked.
Some citizens of Mrs.Petralia’s homeroom said, “It opened my eyes to new jobs. The careers give you a new perspective on jobs. Some of the jobs were very cool!” This project definitely made an impact on the students in Mrs.Petralia’s math class. It opened eyes to new possibilities in the world of careers and jobs.

Written by Cascade Students: Colin Beckett, Vivek Lasserre, and Kiera Marcotte.
Below are a few images from the presentations.

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