Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Essex Art!

  A note from the art room -
  We are looking forward to the K-12 Arts Showcase taking place next Thursday, March 16 at the Essex High School. It is always a wonderful evening of music and fine art by students in Essex Town, Essex Junction, and Westford schools. We hope to see you there between 5:30 and 8:30 pm.
    Students in grades 7 and 8 have just begun a new trimester with their Unified Arts classes. The sixth grade classes are on a quarterly schedule and have several more weeks in their UA’s. Here is a sampling of some of their art work:

Line textures in landscapes:
gr6Q3 002.jpggr6Q3 010.jpg
gr6Q3 011.jpg

Values, tints and shades of colors in tempera paintings:
gr6Q3 032.jpg   gr6Q3 035.jpg

gr6Q3 043.jpg   gr6Q3 052.jpg

Creatures of Wood and Found Objects:
gr6Q3 078.jpg
gr6Q3 071.jpg
gr6Q3 082.jpg
gr6Q3 088.jpg

gr6Q3 098.jpg
gr6Q3 094.jpg
gr6Q3 093.jpg

gr6Q3 075.jpg

Ceramic Sculptures using Pinch Pot Technique, 7th grade:
Gr7BTri2 029.jpg
Sea Creature
Gr7BTri2 006.jpg
Snowy Owl

Gr7BTri2 039.jpg
Gr7BTri2 038.jpg
Reclining horse

Figure Paintings, 7th grade:

Gr7B1and2_Tri1_2016-17 125.jpgGr7B1and2_Tri1_2016-17 155.jpg     

Gr7B1and2_Tri1_2016-17 132.jpgGr7B1and2_Tri1_2016-17 108.jpg  

Animated video, collaboration of three students, 7th grade:

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