Monday, March 27, 2017

Eye Dissection on Team Phoenix

Phoenix students culminated their study of light waves by dissecting cow eyes.  Students were amazed to get an up close look at the structures inside an eye. Here are some images. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Meanwhile in Social Studies on the Galaxy Team...


Recently, in Social Studies classes, Galaxy Team students studied and researched major events, important inventions, or influential people during the early 1800’s.  What was this person’s contribution to the United States?  How did this event or invention contribute to the growth of the United States during this time period?  These questions were among the few that our students had to answer.  
The culminating project was to create a “What Am I?” card with an illustration and clues to the research topic on the front, and the answer and writing on the inside.  Would you guess correctly?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Math in the Field

From Athletic Trainers to Wildlife Rehabilitators, many people came in on Career day in the month of February to Mrs.Petralia’s 8th grade math class to share their profession. People from the outside world talked about how math is incorporated in their job and how they became interested in it. They also described the schooling you would need to work in their field.

It’s thought provoking to learn about jobs. One of the people that came in, Brian, is a photographer that uses animal’s eyes to take pictures. While in the classroom, he took pictures to show how the different lens sizes work. He engaged every student in the classroom with his funny and eccentric personality.
Another individual that came in was Michael Beckett. His career was a software manager from IBM. He taught us about the average salary people make per year. He excited us by throwing candy across the room to students who asked questions or got a question correct that Mr.Beckett asked.
Some citizens of Mrs.Petralia’s homeroom said, “It opened my eyes to new jobs. The careers give you a new perspective on jobs. Some of the jobs were very cool!” This project definitely made an impact on the students in Mrs.Petralia’s math class. It opened eyes to new possibilities in the world of careers and jobs.

Written by Cascade Students: Colin Beckett, Vivek Lasserre, and Kiera Marcotte.
Below are a few images from the presentations.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Raising trout

The students on the Navigator Team have been raising a Brook Trout.  Each day, students test the tank water, feed the fish, and track the statistics of the tank.  We began the year with one hundred trout.  After nine weeks, many lost at the egg stage, we now have 54 healthy and strong trout.  Typically in the wild, only about 1% of trout survive.  
Each week, students record a journal where they draw scientific diagrams of our trout, make predictions, share their research about the trout and our river systems, and reflect on their work with the tank.  As the year progresses, students will pick a piece of technology that will help bring their journal to life.  This might be a video, blog, coding activity, or game that they create.  
In May, when the trout have reached the fingerling stage, they will be released at Mills Riverside Park.  

IMG_8244.JPG IMG_8250.JPGIMG_8251.JPGIMG_8246.JPG


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Essex Art!

  A note from the art room -
  We are looking forward to the K-12 Arts Showcase taking place next Thursday, March 16 at the Essex High School. It is always a wonderful evening of music and fine art by students in Essex Town, Essex Junction, and Westford schools. We hope to see you there between 5:30 and 8:30 pm.
    Students in grades 7 and 8 have just begun a new trimester with their Unified Arts classes. The sixth grade classes are on a quarterly schedule and have several more weeks in their UA’s. Here is a sampling of some of their art work:

Line textures in landscapes:
gr6Q3 002.jpggr6Q3 010.jpg
gr6Q3 011.jpg

Values, tints and shades of colors in tempera paintings:
gr6Q3 032.jpg   gr6Q3 035.jpg

gr6Q3 043.jpg   gr6Q3 052.jpg

Creatures of Wood and Found Objects:
gr6Q3 078.jpg
gr6Q3 071.jpg
gr6Q3 082.jpg
gr6Q3 088.jpg

gr6Q3 098.jpg
gr6Q3 094.jpg
gr6Q3 093.jpg

gr6Q3 075.jpg

Ceramic Sculptures using Pinch Pot Technique, 7th grade:
Gr7BTri2 029.jpg
Sea Creature
Gr7BTri2 006.jpg
Snowy Owl

Gr7BTri2 039.jpg
Gr7BTri2 038.jpg
Reclining horse

Figure Paintings, 7th grade:

Gr7B1and2_Tri1_2016-17 125.jpgGr7B1and2_Tri1_2016-17 155.jpg     

Gr7B1and2_Tri1_2016-17 132.jpgGr7B1and2_Tri1_2016-17 108.jpg  

Animated video, collaboration of three students, 7th grade:

Monday, March 6, 2017

Nova Hockey Night! Come to play, cheer, and support!

Nova Hockey Night


What: 9th Annual EMS Hockey Night
When: Monday March 13th  (6-7:30 sheet of ice)
Where: Essex Rink
Calling all past and present Novinians and their families, GAME ON!
Nova parents and EMS faculty will “lace em’ up” against students and alums in a friendly match.
The Game: we will alternate shifts between active/former hockey players and those with no real hockey training. In other words, a fast shift and slow shift. Don’t feel like you have to be a hockey player to come have fun.
This year’s game will serve as a fundraiser for future field studies.
To cover the cost of the ice there will be an entry fee of $7/skater or $15/families fielding more than two skaters.  Spectators are free, so if you are not a skater come on down and cheer on both teams.  Donations are always accepted.

·       Plan to get there a bit early to get dressed for the game.
·       The skate rental room will be open (at no cost) if you need skates
       Helmets are required (if you have pads, wear them)
·       Make checks payable to EMS
·       Any questions contact Mr. Synnott ( 989-2876
·       If you are sure you are coming, let Mr. Synnott know so he can
    get a head count started.