Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Community-Based Projects this Trimester in DTE

We are certainly in the midst of another frigid Vermont winter and the 7th grade DTE (Design Technology Education) classes have been staying busy (and warm!) with four different community based manufacturing activities.

Through engaging and interesting projects students have been developing and practicing many problem solving skills:
·        Resourcefulness. Using what materials are readily available.
·        Meeting human needs by learning about the materials and process that help to do that.
·        Identifying projects. Seeking out and brainstorming projects to solve a problem.
·        STEM concepts.
·        Mathematical Skills. Practical application of mathematical skills include calculating material requirements and costs.

One group is producing 21 honey bee queen bee incubators. Students have adopted a commercial queen incubator made of styrofoam to be made using Vermont pine (a renewable material!) This project also includes a component printed with our 3D printer. Students pictured above work together to build the pine enclosure. 

Another group (below) is working on producing two STEM Carts for Founders and Elementary student STEM activities. This project calls for plywood as the main manufacturing material.

A third group is producing STEM activity ramps for the EES kindergarten Motion and Forces STEM activity. They are producing four sets of ten ramps comprised of two different lengths and widths. These ramps will be brightly painted.

The 4th group is producing twenty-four Pickleball Paddles for the EMS PE program. Acquiring the proper material to manufacture the paddles was one of the hurdles we overcame. When all else fails - check Amazon!

All these activities have kept the DTE work lab busy! All images represent works in progress. What’s next for DTE manufacturing? We are always open to ideas. It could even be some classic Adirondack Chairs!

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