Friday, January 27, 2017

Team Cascade's Poetry Slam

Recently, the eighth grade Cascade team finished a poetry unit. They found the themes of different protest songs and figured out their meanings, such as Amanda Lyon. She reviewed the song Better days by Victoria Monet, a song about the inequality for black lives in light of recent shootings. She believes that the artist’s claim is, “That there is too much violence and unfair treatment. We need to come together to create peace.” Alison Stevens also reviewed a song called Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya, a song about women’s rights. She claims that the artist is saying through the song, “That girls can be powerful and do important things and it doesn't matter how pretty we are.” After researching current event topics, Cascade Students also wrote inspiring protest poetry/songs, which contained a stance about an issue along with evidence of supporting and opposing views.
These poems lead to a slam poetry performance that took place in the very own Mrs.Pawlusiak’s room on January 13th. Students brought their poems to life through adding poetry slam elements such as hand motions, background music, and changes in volume to enhance and make their poem stand out. There were two emcees from each core who hosted and announced the different poems. The experience allowed students to learn about important topics in a fun and interesting way.

Blog Post Written by: Kaitlin Chapman and Kiera Marcotte, 8th Graders on Team Cascade

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