Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Creepy Clown" response shared with students this morning

I wanted to share with you all the response to the "Creepy Clowns" that I just shared with the students this morning.

As many of you have heard the social media attention given to clowns invading schools across the country this Friday. In particular there have been local news reports of social media postings that say this will happen in Vermont.
I first off would like to say that these postings have been investigated by law enforcement and have been found to not be credible.  In other words these reports have been investigated and found to be false.
With that, myself, Ms.. Kennison, Mrs. Maiberger and the entire staff have a responsibility to keep us all safe.  The building is locked and the only entrance to the inside during the day is in front of the main office.  We also have multiple cameras located around the building that allow us to see the outside. 
I'd like to use this opportunity as a reminder to students and staff... never, never, never let anyone into the building through any door.  All visitors must use the main office entrance, sign in and take a visitor or substitute badge. 
Again...The social media postings have been found to be a hoax and more importantly...we are safe.
If you have any questions and/or concerns...please feel free to email me. 


Kevin Briggs
Principal, EMS

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