Friday, September 30, 2016

Eagle News September 30, 2016

Eagle News
September 30, 2016

September is over.....already?:  Each year the months seem to move faster and faster.  This year is no different.  It seems like yesterday when the halls became alive after a summer of cleaning and preparing.  Over the month of September, teams got back into the academic world and began to learn about each other and what it means to be a student at Essex Middle School.  Some teams went on hikes, others visited rope courses or even a few nights away at an environmental camp.   In every instance the goal is much larger than the’s about our core values of the school:  Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Excellence, Life-Long Learning and Community.  My guess..these are similar to the same values you have in your life and family.  Every day student begin their day in homeroom in a circle setting greeting, listening and actively enjoying each other.  Within this 25 minute block each of the core values are addressed...sometimes specifically or other times modeled.  

Open House: This year Open House has been set for Thursday, October 6, 2016.  I’ll be holding an informational meeting beginning at 5:30 regarding JumpRope, our online reporting system.  At this time you’ll be able to see what a report looks like and ask questions about the state standards and assessments to get a better understanding of the way Essex Middle School communicates your child’s progress.  Beginning at 6:00, the Unified Arts teachers, PE, Art, Music, DTE, FCS,  will be here to show their classrooms and answer questions you may have.  Beginning at 6:30, your child’s team classrooms will be available to visit and hear the amazing things being done and to be done..  I’ll be holding a meeting at 7:15 for 8th grade parents interested in learning more about the annual Washington DC field trip. (More info below)

Athletic Leadership Council:  Under the guidance of Chris Dumouchel, the Athletic Leadership Council has been meeting to build upon their leadership abilities.  The qualities, which may be thought of only on the field, or court...are really school and community wide.  Yesterday, four members attended a conference with over 200 other middle school students from across New England to discuss their roles at school.  Throughout the day and the ride home, they discussed how they could personally and collaboratively make a difference in the school.  Next Saturday morning, there is an ALC planned event of “weeding the flag pole garden.”

Senior Luncheon:  The third Wednesday of each month this year, EMS is host to the Seniors of the Essex Community.  A couple of weeks ago, 54 seniors joined our 6th graders for some Chicken and Biscuits followed by BINGO hosted by the ALC.  If you are a senior citizen or know of a senior that may be interested in knowing more or joining us, contact Lou-Ann Pioli at the Essex Junction Senior Center for tickets. (  The tickets are $2 for members of EJSC and $3 for non-members.  This month’s activity, ice breaker,  is being provided by the Cascade team.   

Washington DC for 8th grade:  This past week we began the fundraising for the annual Washington DC field trip for our 8th graders.  There was a bit of confusion in that there are only a specific number of spots available….the reality is...we WILL make it work.  The three buses hold 162 people and this year’s class is 154 (as of today)….with chaperones we’re looking at 170 seats needed.  No worries.  If needed, we would rent a van to assure that every child planning on attending attends.  With that, please notify the office by either sending in a $75 check and DC form by October 28, 2016.  If you are in need of ANY financial support for your child to attend, please don’t hesitate to call or email me at  A reminder that there will be a DC informational meeting at Open House October 6, 2016 at 7:15pm.  

JumpRope:  You should have received an email last week with a username and a password to allow you to see how your child is currently doing here at EMS.  More info to come at Open House.  If you didn’t receive an email.  Contact Hollee at or 879-7179.

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Attendance:  I want to remind everyone to please call the Main Office if your child is going to be tardy, dismissed early and/or absent.  You can either call 879-7173 and press 3 or email EMS at  Contact Hollee If you didn’t receive a magnet with this information on it.  

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